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Darwin Segway Tour Packages

Experience all that Darwin has to offer with our sensational Segway adventure tours. We are constantly developing exciting new tour packages throughout the Northern Territory to take advantage of the fun that only a Segway can deliver. In fact, one of our team members is out right now working on a new concept. STAY TUNED!

Repeat customers will appreciate our new tour plans, especially some of the concepts currently being investigated.

Newcomers to the Segway are always welcome. For the first encounter with a Segway, we provide free training that is short and sweet. If you're a first-timer, you'll be gliding like a pro within minutes.

Here are some of our current tour packages:

  • Sunset tours in the Botanical Gardens.
  • Military History Tours at Darwin city, the Esplanade and East Point, East Point Military Museum (co-ordinated by Military Historian and author Dr Tom Lewis, and Mr John Hart.
  • Self-Hire and Drive - Rent a Segway with your own plans to enjoy the day, such as family outings.


Get involved with a cool Segway Cap - $TBA
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Up and Coming Events

Coming soon...

Leasing for Commercial Businesses

Segway Tours Sales and Leasing NT supplies Northern Territory businesses with Segways for commercial applications.

Our leased Segways are dramatically improving efficiencies in warehouse, council and security operations - in fact, all commercial situations in which foot travel plays a significant role, including airforce and marine applications.

Segways have already been adopted by the Northern Territory Police.

Check out Segway's impact at AsiaWorld-Expo.

Read about Segway-powered security in Chicago.

Call Now for Your Big Day Out on a Segway
While you are reading this, more than likely our Adventures development man Mario is on his off-road Segway exploring new areas for Segway Tours NT. contact us

Qualified Segway Service Agent

Segway Tours Sales and Leasing NT is the qualified Segway service agent in the Northern Territory and one of only 3 in Australia.

Our Parap team is your official Segway maintenance, service and repair crew.

We not only sell, hire and service Segway, but our team will also keep your Segway in peak condition. We will take care of your machine's maintenance and our qualified technician will fix any problems.

Please don't hesitate to call us if you experience any issues with your Segway.

Special Monthly Segway Tours

We publish a calendar of events with Special Segway Tours each month. Check what's next in line.

Emergency Contact Number

Please call Jim Henderson on 0417 781 178

PARAP , NT 0820

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Segway Tours Sales And Leasing NT in Parap makes it easy for you to let the wheels do the walking (and running). Eco-friendly Segway adventures and discovery tours are our specialty. We are the Northern Territory's Segway tour operator and the NT's Segway dealer distributorship. Along with sales, leasing, repairs and maintenance, we also supply and install Segway accessories.

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