Providing a fun, eco-friendly transport alternative for locals and visitors, we are the Northern Territory's trusted Segway dealer distributorship and Segway tour operator.
Segway Tours Sales & Leasing NT puts together tour experiences you will love. Book yourself in or come with a group... the more the merrier! Our tour experiences include sunset tours, or tours of the Darwin esplanade and Botanical Gardens.
When you're ready for an outback adventure with a difference, call us - we are always working on opening new frontiers. We can do an outback adventure tour for groups of 10 or more... and you will love the country!
Our tours offer excitement and discovery, combined with that distinctive Northern Territory feel and the unique enjoyment of gliding along on a Segway.
We have your ticket to a uniquely exhilarating experience. We hire, sell and lease Segway. We service them and even accessorise them.


Truly experiencing the great outdoors in the Northern Territory couldn't be easier than on a Segway. Segway Tours Sales And Leasing NT is the official Segway dealer distributorship and Segway tour operator in town.
Here's why our tours should be at the top of your list:
  1. Segways are seriously good value. Affordable. Unforgettable. Quiet and eco-friendly. No drivers licence is needed and they are suitable for anyone 12 years or older. Easy! This is the best fun for families!
  2. You can take control of a Segway in minutes. It's virtually intuitive and we include a brief training session to get you started. In no time, you'll be off exploring the Esplanade, touring East Point, or gliding into the sunset at Darwin's Botanical Gardens.
  3. Segway Tours Sales & Leasing NT is a member of Tourism Top End. We can put together tour packages for individuals and groups. So there'll be something for everyone, we are always developing new ideas for tours. In fact, there's a new tour in the pipeline right now.
  4. Segways are a lot of fun! Don't just take our word for it. See what others are saying about Segway Tours, Sales and Leasing NT.


More and more people are switching to the Segway. For short journeys typically made by car, a Segway PT (Personal Transporter) is the smart, green eco-friendly choice that is also a lot of fun.
The purely electric Segway is 11-times more efficient than the average car. Compared to even the most miserly scooter, an environmentally friendly Segway is more than 3-times as efficient.
A Segway relies on battery power. But even while recharging its battery from a common wall outlet, the Segway emits 14 times less greenhouse gas than a car. Don't believe us? Read for yourself how Segways give off Zero-Emissions during operation!
If 10 per cent of America's 900 million car trips a day (half of which are less than 5 miles long, as estimated by the EPA) were replaced by 3-mile Segway rides, here's what we would SAVE:
  • 23,469,553 litres of petrol LESS every day.
  • 129,727 tonnes of CO emissions LESS every day.
Reduce your carbon footprint, ride a Segway instead.
Click to view: "Relative area coverage by Segway PT vs Walking"


Segway Tours Sales & Leasing NT is a family-run business. We love our city and all it has to offer... and now we can take advantage with our eco-friendly Segways and glide around with the Segway smile.
We get involved in all aspects of the Segway experience - selling them, leasing them, servicing them, accessorising them and riding them.
If you're new to Segway, we will train you. Watch your friends go from "How?" to "Wow!" in our short Segway training sessions. Then have a go for yourself. It's that easy!
When you're ready to ride, we will introduce our other key collaborators:
Jim and his family started the Segway business in 2012 after decades of camping, hunting and fishing in the Northern Territory. Jim and his four kids have a deep love of the Territory. Over the years they have travelled with their dog around the Territory by motorbike, camel, horse, quad bike, four-wheel-drive, boat, plane and chopper.
His love of the Outback and a conversation with a good mate (Rob Hill) was the catalyst for the creation of the amazing Segway Tours in the Territory.
Jim travelled around Australia and overseas to experience Segway operations firsthand so that he could bring the best attributes of successful Segway tours to the Territory. Jim is a trained Segway service agent for Australia (and is one of only three trained within Australia).
Jim travelled around Australia and overseas to experience Segway operations firsthand so that he could bring the best attributes of successful Segway tours to the Territory. Jim is a trained Segway service agent for Australia (and is one of only three trained within Australia).
Betty's organisational experience is a huge help for people booking team building events, off the cuff tours and other made to order experiences. Betty is well known in Darwin for her effervescent personality.
Old time Darwinite with salt water running through his veins. Rob's professional and fun attitude helps your to relax and enjoy your tour as he leads you through your paces of learning to ride and having fun at the same time. Rob a rare combination of methodical and practical and just loves to have fun. Ideal as a tour guide as he has a combination of years of knowledge and experience of a lifetime spent in the Northern Territory.
John has a total of almost 40 years in the tourism industry working in a wide range of areas including coach driver, limousine driver and tour guide for a number of companies. His work record speaks for itself:
Former high-ranking officer in the Royal Australian Navy and recipient of the Order of Australia Medal, now military historian and best-selling author. Dr Lewis has written no less than 11 war history books. After his acclaimed work with the Royal Australian Naval College Historical Collection in Jervis Bay NSW, Dr Lewis was appointed director at the Darwin Military Museum. Our Darwin Esplanade and East Point tours are steeped in fascination and history thanks to Dr Lewis.
  • Driver / guide on long-distance coach tours with a number of companies including Australian Pacific Tours.
  • Melbourne limousine company specialising in small group touring to several regular destinations and destinations of the clients request.
  • Operations Manager of AAT Kings Coach Tours - also acted as a tour guide on a regular basis to Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park and to Katherine.
To John telling people about Darwin is not a job, it's more a way of life.